Card Renewals

UBCcard Renewals

UBCcards are re-issued at no cost up to two months prior to the expiration date printed on the back of the card, and any time after the card expires. Renewal eligibility is for students who are enrolled in at least one class in the following term. Renewals for both employees and students can be done in-person at the UBC Access Desk, located within the UBC Bookstore or online. Cardholders are required to update their digital photos at this time.

U-PASS Distribution

You must  have a valid UBCcard to obtain your U-Pass. Please note that once a a renewal is submitted online, your expired UBCcard will no longer allow access to obtain your U-Pass.

iClass Keyless Access

It takes one hour for your renewed UBCcard to be updated into the system. Please continue to use your expired card until your renewed card allows entry into the department/building which you have access to.

Renew your UBCcard