Card Care

Your UBCcard uses barcode, magnetic stripe, and chip technology. To ensure that all of these components on your card remain in working order, please keep your card in a safe, dry location. Do not damage your card by placing tape over the magnetic stripe, punching holes in it, or adhering stickers to the surface.

Storing your UBCcard back-to-back with other magnetic stripe cards (including credit and debit cards) may damage the stripe and render your card unreadable. Magnetic stripes can also be damaged if they come in close contact with magnets (including fridge magnets or magnets in the fasteners of your purse, wallet or backpack), electronics such as speakers, televisions or mobile phones, and strong electrical currents.

The barcode on your UBCcard is read by an electronic scanner, and must be clear and unscratched in order to read correctly. To avoid excessive wear on your card, consider purchasing a protective card carrier from the UBC Bookstore. All UBCcards are tested before they are issued to ensure that the barcode, magnetic stripe, and chip are functioning correctly. If any of these components ceases to function while your card is still valid please email for further guidance.