Lost/Stolen Cards

If you have lost your UBCcard or it has been stolen, there is a two-step process for obtaining a new UBCcard.

Step 1: Request a new card through us

Step 2: Go to the Student Housing website and deactivate your card (if you have any meal dollars loaded onto your UBCcard)

Once your UBCcard has been reported lost/stolen it cannot be reactivated; if you find your lost card do not use it as it will not work. The fee for replacing a UBCcard is $15.00 the fee is waived if your card has been stolen and you have a police file number. This is subject to change without notice.

iClass UBCcards

Lost or stolen iClass UBCcards must be reported to your departmental administrator for deactivation. The UBCcard Program is not responsible for any loss or damage of university or personal property resulting from the use of iClass UBCcards.