Applying For Your Student UBCcard online

Student Online Application Form

Please ensure that you have the following before filling out your application online:

UBCcard Eligibility

For UBC students, apply for your UBCcard online. If you’re unable to do so, please contact us at:

Minimum Requirements
You must be enrolled in at least one course in order to be eligible for the Student UBCcard. There is no cost for the initial card; however lost/stolen cards are subject to a $15 fee. For all other eligibility questions, please contact Enrolment Services at 604.822.9836 (1.877.272.1422 toll free in Canada and the US).

Students who have been accepted into UBC Housing are asked to apply for UBCcards online. Please ensure that you have a CWL password as well as a digital photo meeting the UBCcard Program Specifications

UBC Okanagan campus students are not eligible for UBC Vancouver campus UBCcards unless they are taking courses at UBC Vancouver campus. Students wishing to apply for an UBC Okanagan campus UBCcard can do so by visiting the UBC Okanagan campus UBCcard site. Students registered at UBC Okanagan campus who are attending classes at UBC Vancouver campus may obtain their UBCcards at the UBC Carding Office located within the UBC Bookstore. Please remember to bring your UBC Okanagan campus UBCcard with you for identification.

Distance Education Students who cannot physically be at UBC's Vancouver campus to retrieve their UBCcards, including Distance Education & Technology, Master of Educational Technology, Real Estate Division, and Rehabilitation Science Online students, are not eligible for UBCcards. However, they may apply for Library barcodes online. If this is you, then please click here and identify yourself as a Distance Education Student. Upon identity verification, you will receive an email with your Library barcode attached. For all Library inquiries, please contact the Library Help Desk at 604.822.2406.

Benefits of applying online:

  • The convenience of uploading your own digital photo (digital photos must comply with UBCcard Program Specifications)
  • Avoiding lengthy lines at the Carding Office – Express Pick-Up will be available during peak period in August and September.

Picking up your UBCcard:

Due to maintenance on the Student Information System, UBCcard online applications cannot be processed between 3:00 am to 4:30 am pacific time Monday through Saturday and from 1:00 am to 4:00 am pacific time on Sundays.

Please allow up to three business days for your application to be processed. When completing the online application form below, please enter the address that you used to apply to UBC.

To be eligible for a UBCcard, you must be registered in courses at UBC. Please bring your student number and one original piece of government-issued photo identification (passport, driver’s licence, or BC Identification Card), obtained within the last five years, for identity verification . High school identification, student transit cards and photocopies of original documents are NOT valid identification.

To maintain integrity of the UBCcard and the security of UBCcard stakeholders, applicants who cannot provide the required identification documents listed above will not be issued UBCcards.