The UBCcard is issued under the following terms and conditions of use. Please read these terms and conditions carefully. Please email any UBCcard questions and concerns to ubc.card@ubc.ca.

By obtaining a UBCcard, the cardholder agrees to abide by the policies stated in the UBCcard Program Cardholder Agreement below. All terms and conditions on this Cardholder Agreement are subject to change without notice.

The UBCcard is non-transferable and is the property of the University of British Columbia (UBC). UBCcards used by individuals other than the person indicated on the card may be revoked by the University. Unauthorized use, alteration, adhering stickers, and/or duplication of the UBCcard may result in confiscation of the card.

The UBCcard is UBC's official identification document. It is valid for up to five years depending on the individual's status at the University.

The UBCcard facilitates services provided by UBC departments (BookstoreLibraryFood ServicesAquatic Centre, andStudent Recreation Centre). Access to individual accounts and services is determined by the respective departments. Please contact individual departments directly should you have any questions.

UBCcards have an expiration date of up to five years unless otherwise indicated. UBCcards are scanned prior to distribution to cardholders to ensure that they will facilitate departmental services including library access, keyless door access, access to meal plans and/or campus facilities.

It is the responsibility of the cardholder to ensure the safety of her/his card and to prevent damage of said card. The UBCcard Program takes no responsibility for wear-and-tear of the card. Cardholders may not alter their UBCcards in any way. Adhering stickers and/or punching holes into UBCcards will damage and may deactivate the card. Damaged UBCcards are subject to a $15.00 replacement fee.

The UBCcard Program is not responsible for any loss or damage of university or personal property resulting from the use of UBCcards. Lost or stolen UBCcards may be reported by completing the online UBCcard Lost/Stolen Card Deactivation Form. See here for more details. UBCcards can only be activated once. Therefore, once the UBCcard Lost/Stolen Card Deactivation Form is submitted, the reported card cannot be reactivated. Lost and stolen UBCcards are subject to a $18 replacement fee, payable by the cardholder.

Personal information used to produce the UBCcard is kept strictly confidential and abides by the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. This Act can be found in the Government Publications section in the Walter C. Koerner Library. Outside parties will not be privileged to any Cardholder information unless written consent is received from the Cardholder, the University is asked to comply with a court order, or if the information is requested from a government agency. Distribution of digital photos is prohibited and abides by Policy No. 106: Access to and Security of Administrative Information.

It is the responsibility of the Cardholder to ensure that personal information appearing on the card itself is not accessible to others.

Name changes must be made in either the Student or Faculty & Staff database prior to obtaining a new UBCcard. Individuals may obtain new UBCcards at no charge if there is a change or alteration in the cardholder's name or University status.

All cardholder information is retrieved electronically from UBC's Student Information System and Human Resources Management Systems,  and staff are unable to alter any cardholder information such as name and/or status. Students are asked to visit Enrolment Services and employees are asked to visit their department/faculty administrators directly should such changes be required. Please allow 72 hours after the time a profile is updated before visiting the UBC Carding Office.

UBCcards can be renewed at no cost beginning 2 months prior to the expiration date printed on the back of the card. Cardholders must update their digital photos at this time at no extra charge.

Upon resignation or termination of employment, UBCcards must be surrendered to the employee's department administration. For employees who were issued iClass UBCcards, administrators must contact Secure Access to arrange for their subsequent deactivation.

Emeritus or Retired employees may obtain new UBCcards to reflect their changed status by applying on-line or contacting ubc.card@ubc.ca

Upon leaving employment at the University, UBCcards must be surrendered to the employee's departmental administration.