Photo Specifications

 A correct photo:

    • Is sharp and in focus
    • Is taken straight on, with a clear view of the face and shoulders, squared to the camera
    • Is in colour
    • Is in jpeg format
    • Has been taken within the last 12 months to ensure an up-to-date likeness
    • Has your eyes open and clearly visible
    • May have glasses worn, as long as the eyes are clearly visible and the glasses do not present a glare resulting from the camera flash
    • Note: Head coverings including hats and caps may render the submitted photograph inadmissible and result in the application being rejected. It is recommended that head coverings are not worn. A photo with head covering for religious beliefs will be approved as long as it shows full facial features and follows the above specifications.

ubc-card2 (1)

Photos will be rejected if:

    • There is no contrast (e.g. white shirt on white background)
    • It has been photoshopped
    • Your face is not clearly visible or partially covered
    • The photo is of a very low resolution


Acceptable Images

These images are all in colour, have good resolution, the shoulders are square to camera, with a clear view of face and shoulders.

Unacceptable Images

These images are all either low resolution, black and white, have no contrast (e.g. white clothing on a white background) the body is at an angle, or the face is partially obscured.