You may apply for your UBCcard: Online

You may pick up your UBCcard at the UBC Carding Office, located in the UBC Bookstore at 6200 University Blvd.
Regular hours of operation: Mon/Tues/Thur/Fri: 9:30-5:30, Wed: 9:30-7:00, Sat: 11:00-5:00. For peak period and holiday operating hours, please check out the UBC Bookstore

It is mandatory that you bring your UBC identification number and one piece of government-issued photo identification (passport, driver's licence, BC Identification Card, etc.) for identity verification (high school identification cards and student transit cards are unacceptable). Individuals unable to provide the appropriate requirements listed above will not be issued UBCcards.

You must be registered in at least one UBC course in order to be eligible for a Student UBCcard. If you are unsure of your eligibility, please contact the Student Service Centre located in Brock Hall.

All current UBC Faculty and Staff Appointees are eligible for UBCcards.
Staff employed in the following campus units are ineligible for UBCcards as they are not official employees of the University

  • AAPS Office
  • Alma Mater Society
  • Alumni Association
  • CUPE Office Staff
  • Faculty Association Office Staff
  • Faculty Pension Plan Board
  • Prevention of Organ Failure Centre of Excellence
  • PrioNet Canada Theological Colleges

Your multipurpose UBCcard identifies you as a valid UBC student and is mandatory for student verification during exams. It also grants you access to:

  • UBC Library services (book loans, study room bookings)
  • UBC Bookstore e-Money purchases
  • Food Services' dining convenience and discounts
  • Meal plans for Housing residents
  • Keyless entry to various UBC Housing buildings
  • Study rooms, classrooms
  • Transcript ordering

Yes, your UBCcard is required for official identification on campus and is required during exams.

There is no cost for your first UBCcard and those cards replaced due to loss of function due to wear and tear, status and/or name changes.
A $15.00 replacement card fee applies to lost and stolen UBCcards. These fees are subject to change without notice.

Replacement cards will be issued at no charge if you change your student status (e.g. "Undergraduate" to "Graduate") or name. Legal name changes must be updated with UBC Enrolment Services for students and Human Resources for faculty and staff before a new UBCcard can be obtained. Please note that status and name changes cannot be altered manually at the Carding Office, and that you must turn in your current card to avoid paying the card replacement fee. 

Unless the cardholder's eyes are closed, digital photos retakes are subject to a $15.00 replacement card fee.

Cardholders may apply online to renew their UBCcards or visit the Carding Office, located inside the Bookstore, beginning two months prior to the expiration date located on the back side of the UBCcard. Departmental services associated to the UBCcard, including keyless door access to departments/buildings, library services, entry to facilities, access to meal plans, and funds associated to your account will not be affected if your UBCcard has expired.

UBCcards have an expiration date of up to five years unless otherwise indicated. UBCcards are scanned prior to distribution to cardholders to ensure that they will facilitate departmental services including library access, keyless door access, access to meal plans and/or campus facilities. It is the responsibility of the cardholder to ensure the safety of her/his card and to prevent damage of it. Cardholders may not alter their UBCcards in any way. Adhering stickers and/or punching holes into UBCcards will damage and may deactivate the card.

The UBCcard Program retrieves all employee information from UBC Human Resources' database. New employees may not appear in the database given the large number of new faculty and staff that arrive on campus at the beginning of each term. Individuals requiring immediate access to Library services are asked to contact their department administrators to obtain an "Early ID" through UBC HR.

A photo with head covering for religious beliefs will be approved as long as it shows
full facial features. The UBCcard office can provide a female staff member to take a photo in private if you are unsure of what will be considered an approved photo.

U-Pass BC provides unlimited bus, SeaBus, SkyTrain, and Canada Line transit services within Metro Vancouver, as well as discounts on West Coast Express. All eligible students at UBC’s Vancouver campus have access to the U-Pass BC program. To be eligible for a U-Pass, you must have a student number, which is on the front of your UBCcard. Additionally, you must carry your UBCcard on you when using transit, as you may be asked to prove the ownership of the U-Pass by Transit authorities.

Students load their U-Pass BC onto an adult-class Compass Card, which are available from any SkyTrain Station and TransLink Fare Dealers including the UBC Bookstore. The U-Pass BC program currently costs $39.50 per month and is assessed as part of student fees. The Compass Card allows commuters to quickly tap in and out when using transit.

Your application may have been rejected for the following reasons:

  • You're not currently enrolled in a class
  • The picture is not clear enough (i.e. extremely low resolution).
  • The picture is clearly photoshopped
  • There is no contrast (e.g. white shirt on white background)
  • Your face is not clearly visible or partially covered
  • It’s been clearly photoshopped